Ryder Cup Seals Deal with First World Sponsor


World War II and 9/11 are the only things that have kept the best European and American golfers from squaring off against each other every two years since the late 1920s in the Ryder Cup.

Though it has such big names as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Nick Faldo, Tiger Woods and Colin Montgomerie involved and been around for 85 years, the Ryder Cup has never had a worldwide sponsor—until now.

Scotland’s Standard Life Investments has signed on to fill that spot for the next two Cups, Reuters reports. “This announcement follows the launch of the unified Ryder Cup global brand identity and the stated aim of Ryder Cup Europe and the PGA of America to secure global partnerships going forward,” said Pete Bevacqua, chief executive officer of the PGA of America. The tournament is one of the sport’s biggest, reaching up to 500 million daily TV viewers in 183 countries. [more]

In the early years of the event, the competition was between the U.S. and Great Britain, but it was opened up to continental Europe in 1979. In that time, America has amassed 25 wins to the combined 12 that Europe and Great Britain have won, but don’t get all cocky, Yanks. Europe has won seven of the last nine events and it now is the home of the event’s first world sponsor. Plus, the Ryder Cup itself is named after an English seed merchant who donated the first trophy. Bet he’d be proud to see what he’s grown.