Disney’s City Girl Game Looks to Cash In on Casual Gamers


Step into the world of Disney City Girl, where style and apartment décor are the measurement of success and New York City is the only city suitable enough for dream chasing.   

Disney’s new venture in social gaming is surprisingly targeted at adults, and more specifically, those with big city dreams. In the game, which is available for play on Facebook and playdom.com, players move from small town America to New York City to pursue their dream life. You get to chose to work towards two obviously fabulous careers: fashion designer or chef. Watch your player climb NYC’s social ladder a la “Sex and the City” by challenging friends in a “Daily Look” fashion competition and throwing “awesome parties for friends” in your apartment. 

Sounds fabulous, right? [more]

According to Rachel Nordquist, project manager at Disney Interactive, most of the Disney City Girl users are women between the ages of 20 and 29. The story line, language and overall concept are targeted toward an adult player—a new demographic for the typically kiddie-friendly company. Disney City Girl is free but also offers premium content for purchase. Advances in the game can be projected onto players’ newsfeeds for all to see and share, too. DNAinfo.com reports the game has amassed over 1 million users since going live.  

Disney recognizes there is a potential untapped market in what the industry refers to as a “pink’ gamer. With no working definition, it is implied to mean female gamers who play female-targeted games. Studies show that 78 percent of casual game players on Facebook are women, and with an estimated value to hit $8.6 billion by 2014, it makes sense why Disney and plenty of other developers want to get a bigger piece of the casual pie. 

Disney’s growing interactive unit is the result of an investment in Infinity, a video gaming system that combines digital games with physical toys—a move that will allow them to reach new markets and demographics. Infinity was revealed in January and is set to officially launch in June 2013.