At SXSW, #FEED Marries Art and Tech


Art met industry at SXSW where the proverbial contenders: content versus technology and  art versus industry got bundled and branded by #FEED—to everyone’s benefit.

The #FEED, powered by Twitter, spanned five days as 16 top interactive media artists plied their wares telling the SXSW story in art installations curated by Learned Evolution and The Meta Agency. A nightly party, named @NIGHT brought DJs onto projection-mapped stages with interactive walls at the Austin Museum of Art at the Jones Center.[more]

Participating artists included:

Volvox Labs – Geometric Remix: An interactive game of the top 10 words from hashtag #SXSW to rearrange on a 3D geometric installation, snap a photo and upload to Flickr.

Incredible Machines – #TONESsxsw: Black-box #TONES exhibit where people create music together using real time feeds from Twitter and computer vision to turn movement into music. 

BioBeats – BioBeats Pulse: Turn your heart rates into music.

Makerbot – Makerbot Replicators: 3D printers showcase possibilities of the next industrial revolution. 

Social Print Studio – Instagram Visualizer and Live Printer: Interact with the hashtag and geotag driven Instagram visualizer using movement then instantly print images uploaded to Twitter and Instagram.

Super Uber – Social Snap: A moving mood board captures hashtagged images influenced by tweeting at the geometric shaped wall mount.                                             

Invisible Light Network – Ring presented by eMUZE: Fed by Twitter and Tumblr, tracks retweets and reblogs of all 1,800 SXSW bands to visualize the moment people shift from casual music explorer to band super fan. 

Samsung – Tectiles + Batteries: Devices positioned throughout Austin—including at the #FEED venue, unlocks rewards such as free food from local businesses, free music or access to VIP experiences at the Samsung Galaxy Experience.

#FEED Powered by Twitter epitomizes the intersection of art and technology. “As more and more people realize the need to make art accessible and understandable, for both education and utility, giving it a lane at SXSW for artists, gallerists, technologists, and curators is imperative,” notes

In another display of art and tech, Mass Relevance, a leader in social curation and integration, launched its latest Dynamic Mosaic platform integrating real-time content from multiple sources such as Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Twitter and Google+. 


“The world of social curation and re-display is still very much a new frontier,” said Sam Decker, founder and CEO of Mass Relevance in a release. “Social integration is typically approached in two ways: highlighting the individual pieces of content itself or alternately showing how aggregate conversations are trending.”

“The Dynamic Mosaic represents something wholly different for interactive brands: a way to dynamically showcase relevant content and also underscore the speed and quantity of social buzz around real-time experiences,” according to the release.


“Instead of treating art as an afterthought or a cute gesture, we should encourage more of what Indiewalls, Learned Evolution, and the American Poster Institute brought to Austin last week,” Complex continues. “Incorporating art into larger cultural discussion is essential to maintaining the validity of increasingly large, multi-media events, SXSW included.”