Drink Responsibly: An Anti-Ad Campaign to Boost Alcohol Awareness


A Canadian beer brand (ostensibly), in a stroke of marketing genius, has major alcohol brands jumping on its ad bandwagon promoting “Responsibly Beer.”

It’s actually an ad campaign by the Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission and there’s no actual beer brand—just pure advertising to influence drinkers to do so responsibly.

The provincial AGLC went all-out with the ploy, creating an age-verification splash page, a Facebook page, Instagrammed “Responsibly” beer cans on Twitter and a Pinterest, too.

“The idea was to play on the very common slogan ‘drink responsibly’ to catch people’s attention, which will hopefully get them to our website enjoyresponsibly.ca to find out more about the concept behind the fictional product,” said AGLC spokeswoman Michelle Hynes-Dawson, FoodBeast reports. It’s “about giving a definition to ‘responsibly’ and moderation.”

“In terms of Facebook and Twitter, it worked well with the campaign concept and the demographic we are trying to reach,” she added of the focus on young adults between 18 (the province’s legal drinking age) and 24 years-old.[more]

Created by Edmonton-based Calder Bateman, the “Responsibly” line divides offerings by gender, including Low-Risk Raspberry Coolers, Green-Apple Riesling and Citrus Vodka for women and Premium Brewed Beer, Moderation Merlot and Small-Batch Bourbon Whiskey for guys.

Each “product page” lists recommended serving size, typically two to three drinks (except for special occasions), along with copy like, “Responsibly Coolers mix juice, booze and the mellow flavour of moderation together in a bottle!” and, “Responsibly Beer is brewed with hand-picked moderation malts and a single drop of awesome.”

“There has been some confusion about the ‘real’ factor to the product,” adds Dawson. “However, this was intentional and is positive in order to start the conversation about defining moderate drinking and to get people interested enough to go the website and find out more.”