Is New Wes Anderson for Prada Short Film Wes Anderson Enough?


Branded content is the hot new thing. Prada is the latest to the game with a short film directed by indie darling Wes Anderson and starring French actress Léa Seydoux.

Anderson is best known for charming films filled with twee sensibilities such as Rushmore, The Life Aquatic, Moonrise Kingdom and The Royal Tenenbaums. But Anderson is actually an old branded content auteur.

For the short film Prada Candy L’Eau promoting the brand’s new Prada Candy fragrance, Anderson shared directing duties with Roman Coppola, son of directing icon Francis Ford. It’s not the first teaming of the pair; Coppola joined Anderson in 2010 for a Stella Artois spot that feels oddly familiar to the new Prada film. Check it out below and see how it rates against other Wes Branderson projects.[more]

It’s early, but at only 74,000-plus views, Prada has to be a little disappointed in this effort, which is being doled out in episodes at Prada’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. Granted, Anderson is no Michael Bay, but the Ridley Scott-produced branded short film for Jaguar, Desire, got more views than that for its trailer. That’s to say nothing about the tens of millions of views for “punked” branded content videos by Pepsi.

But then, Prada is probably aiming at a smaller, more influential and discerning market than Pepsi MAX, and the Prada Candy short film certainly has the distinct Anderson feel. Still, that twee “Anderson feel” has come through more in some of his past commercials than others, which may be rated on a scale of 1-10 Bill Murrays (his favorite actor) as follows:

Anderson for American Express — 10 Bill Murrays

Anderson (directing Brad Pitt) for Softbank — 7 Bill Murrays

Anderson for Ikea — 5 Bill Murrays

Anderson for AT&T — 3 Bill Murrays

Anderson for Sony Experia (with stop motion animation) — 6 Bill Murrays

Anderson for Hyundai (with Jeff Bridges’ voice) — 8 Bill Murrays