Chase Tees Up Holistic ‘So You Can’ Brand Campaign


Chase offers a lot of financial products and services, and typically its marketing has focused on spotlighting one or the other. Now, in a new marketing campaign launching today, Chase is taking a more holistic approach by casting itself as a financial problem-solving brand for its customers across the many needs and challenges of life.

“So You Can” is the tag line for the campaign, which is a creative refresh that Chase will use for its existing ad-buy schedule. It’s the first comprehensive effort launched by Claire Huang, a bank-industry veteran who recently became JP Morgan Chase’s first CMO.

“It’s really about giving customers options, telling the story around what we’re delivering in a more integrated fashion,” Huang told brandchannel. “We have many different products. This has a focus on everyday life, everyday moments. It’s a holistic way to show how Chase is delivering for our customers because of what they need.[more]

“Our customers have changed, and so we have changed, and we’re really showing them that we’ve heard them—that they can depend on us.”

Huang said that Chase research led the brand to focus on the increasing diversity of consumers’ lives. That has been reflected in a variety of products meant to help customers at the top end—such as Chase Private Client, which gives affluent customers a “concierge banking” platform with JPMorgan—as well as rank-and-file individuals who have access to Quick Pay, a form of person-to-person digital currency.

In one of the new ads, “Olivia,” a babysitter benefits from Quick Pay when the parents decide to tip her after she’s left after discovering what a great babysitter she was. “Ink” highlights a credit-card-management system. A third spot, “Sister’s Helper,” underscores the convenience of the Chase mobile app—and the fringe benefits of that.

The TV ads depict how Chase “is going to give you a better experience whenever you touch any of our services, and we can provide solutions that make things simpler—and faster—for you, and they’re not just ‘products,'” Huang explained.

Chase parent JPMorgan Chase has been experiencing problems at the top lately, where CEO Jamie Dimon is under fire, but Huang said that the campaign gives no thought to Americans’ constant exposure to news about the company’s difficulties.

“We focus on what we can deliver for customers,” she said. “We can’t predict what they’re thinking about—just what they need.”