Intuit Contest Gives One Small Company the Ultimate Platform: a Super Bowl Ad


The winner of the Intuit Small Business Big Game contest will lay claim to an opportunity reserved for some of the world’s biggest brands. With an advertisement during the telecast of the 2014 Super Bowl as the grand prize, the winning company could expect the 30-second commercial to provide a significant boost to business.

Intuit—which makes products such as TurboTax and QuickBooks that aim directly at small-business owners_kicked off a contest that will award one small business with the ad during the Big Game on February 2, during the third quarter. That’s usually the highest-viewership time of the game.

Former Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins head coach Jimmy Johnson, now a Fox NFL-telecast icon, and reality-TV personality Bill Rancic are promoting the contest, which will ask applicants to detail their challenges, offer tips and answer questions about their business experiences, according to USA Today.[more]

Businesses must have 50 or fewer employees to apply online. Intuit said it will prepare the winning company as well as three runners-up for national exposure, helping them improve their websites, for example, the newspaper said.

The thing is, while a well known brand in the business-services arena, Intuit itself has never advertised during the Super Bowl. So could its advice on how to prepare for the Super Bowl and its aftermath be a little, er, suspect?

“This will shine a light on how valueable (small-business owners) are, how important they are and, more importantly, their struggles,” Rancic told the publication.

Will the winner be able to leverage its Super Bowl presence into much bigger things for the company, as startup outfits such as have been able to do? Or will it be destined to look back on the 2014 Super Bowl ad as a happy zenith, as did after its ad featuring a sock puppet during the Big Game in 2000 predated the company’s demise by less than a year? At least the internet bubble has already burst.