Toaster Strudel Straps on Some Lederhosen in Effort to Boost Brand


Cold-cereal sales are falling, so companies are doing whatever they can to boost revenue in other areas. General Mills’ Pillsbury division hasn’t used a brand mascot for its products since the Doughboy was introduced back in 1965, but now the company has added a new face to help boost the revenue of an old brand: Toaster Strudels.

Toaster Strudels have been doing battle with Kellogg’s Pop Tarts for 27 years and have recently lost some ground, especially on the heels of Pop Tart’s release of peanut butter variations. According to IRI, Toaster Strudels sales dropped 1.1 percent to $204 million in the year ending July 14. Meanwhile, Pop Tarts is on the rise, growing 5 percent to $668 million during that same time frame.[more]

Pillsbury is fighting back with a little German boy in lederhosen, Hans Strudel, who pops up with a tray of warm Toaster Strudels and asks, “Toaster Strudel … ya?” AdAge notes. With each box of strudels comes a do-it-yourself icing pack to help capitalize on the food-customization trend.

Along with the introduction of the mascot and ad campaign, dubbed “one of the largest campaigns that we will have within the company,” according to brand manager John Williams, Toaster Strudel is also debuting a Twitter account and Facebook page, which will be put to good use when the brand hits New York City August 27 for a social-powered “Breakfurg Strudel Workshop,” where positive tweets will be turned into custom Strudel artwork.