Nike, Disney Rule Brand Engagement on Instagram, Tumblr


Social media has increasingly become a more relevant and necessary tool for brands to actively engage with consumers, but just being on social isn’t enough. While some have a long way to go in mastering ideal social technique, some of the world’s best social users are big brands—and they’ve got engagement across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms down pat. 

Of Fortune 500 companies, 123 have Instagram accounts—a relatively low number compared to those that have Facebook and Twitter accounts, according to data collected by TrackMaven. Of the over 19,000 images and 243 videos posted, Nike and Starbucks are two of the most popular brands on the platform, with a snowy scene from Nike the most liked and commented among brand postings.  

Additionally, another study from Unruly found that 40 percent of the top Instagram videos are brand-created, with MTV leading that pack. What’s more, entertainment and clothing brands seem to be the most popular brands on the platform.[more]

“A lot of brands don’t realize this, but the way people use Instagram is they’re searching for content,” said TrackMaven’s Allen Gannet. “A lot of brands just post content and expect people to follow them, but actually Instagram is a discovery platform for people looking for things to engage with. Brands that used hashtags have been more effective than brands that didn’t.”

But it isn’t always the brands doing the dirty work on social. In fact, on Tumblr, user-created postings rank among the top brand posts for Union Metric’s top 10 brands on Tumblr, with Disney and Facebook leading the pack. 

Here’s a preview of some of the top brand accounts across Instagram and Tumblr: