LinkedIn Gets More Brand Friendly with Dedicated Product Pages, Targeted Content


LinkedIn has managed to make its platform more brand friendly by introducing Showcase Pages. The dedicated content pages allow major brands like Microsoft to focus on a singluar sub-brand such as Xbox and direct targeted content to users interested in the specific topic. Companies can have up to 10 Showcase Pages. 

Different from Company Pages, Showcase Pages aren’t for recruiting and don’t include a Careers or Products & Services section. LinkedIn has more than three million Company Pages from blue chip brands like Adobe, Cisco, Microsoft and HP, who were all part of a pilot test for the new feature.[more]

After all, when companies with a number of different products try to cover all of them on one company page, it can be “a little bit overwhelming,” for users who only want information on one specific brand, David Thacker, VP marketing solutions products, told TechCrunch. With Showcase Pages, marketers can promote content as sponsored updates in users’ news feeds, which is LinkedIn’s rendition of native ads, Ad Age notes

But perhaps the even bigger distinction between the new pages is that they carry space for paid Follower Ads to grow user base. Thacker said they are part of the brand’s evolution to “a professional publishing platform” across a range of content. The company has also replaced its social-reading service, LinkedIn Today, with cross-platform newsreading app Pulse, which it acquired in April for $90 million as part of the company’s push into more personalized content.