All the News You Can Drink: Ron Burgundy Scotch, Celebrating the 21st Amendment, Brits Love Diageo and more


Scotchy, Scotch, Scotch.. I Love Scotch

When comedian Will Ferrell dressed up as his Anchorman alter ego Ron Burgundy and shot a bunch of ridiculous commercials for the Dodge Durango, GM couldn’t have possibly predicted what it would do for the brand. In the month the ads launched, sales of Durango went up 59 percent compared with a year ago and its web traffic also took an 80 percent spike upward.

Plenty of other brands are hoping for the same kind of upward tick as they align with Ferrell before Anchorman 2 is released Dec. 18. One of them comes from liquor marketer Riviera Imports and is called “Great Odin’s Raven Special Reserve,” named after one of Burgundy’s catch phrases. The word from Ad Age is that Riviera will ship out orders with stand-up displays of Burgundy to put up in stores. Prepare for a run on scotch, America.

If that weren’t enough, Anchorman 2-related products will also be coming from Ben & Jerry’s (Scotchy Scotch Scotch) and Jockey underwear. MillerCoors has also inked a deal to have its old-school Miller Lite cans appear in the film.[more]

21st Amendment Turns 80

Americans once put themselves through all sorts of charades so that they could have a drink without getting caught by the authorities. Those days are long gone, of course, and those who tipple are always happy to toast their freedom to imbibe.

Those toasts were a little louder Thursday when the country celebrated the 80th anniversary of the passage of the 21st Amendment to the Constitution, which repealed Prohibition. Beer Institute President Joe McClain also took the opportunity to get political, speaking out in DC against a stiff tax on beer in America and asking that Congress move forward on the so-called BEER Act, which was introduced in both houses earlier this year, according to

“The BEER Act rolls back the federal excise tax on beer—a tax most beer drinkers don’t even know they pay—back to historic rates, encouraging investment, innovation and growth in our industry,” McClain said. We’ll drink to that.

Britain Loves Diageo

Diageo churns out rivers of alcohol for thirsty consumers everywhere: Guinness, Johnny Walker whiskey, Tanqueray gin, and Smirnoff vodka all flow into its bottles.

It’s not just the booze that people like, though. For the second year in a row, Diageo has been named Britain’s most admired company by Management Today. That’s a nice little nod to the company’s 38,000 workers to put into their back pockets.

More Booze News:

– Johnny Appleseed Cider is coming from A-B InBev.

– One third of NASCAR fans correctly identified Coors Light as the official brew of the racing league.

– Jack Daniel’s, concerned about “flavor fatigue,” is holding off on new versions.

– Wisconites and Rhode Islanders will soon have access to Dogfish Head brewskis.

– Yet another flavored vodka has launched: UV Sriracha Vodka.

– Four filmmakers are celebrating Stoli.

– Hawaii Sea Spirits getting into rums, whiskies, bourbons, and organic liqueurs.

– Experiential-marketing firm Legacy Marketing Partners was re-signed by Pernod Ricard USA.

– Glenmorangie brand ambassador David Blackmore has nabbed the Scotch Whisky Ambassador of the Year for the third straight year.