Explore Together: Durex Tests Bi-Media Ad for Mobile/TV Synchronized Viewing


Last month Honda tested an interactive dual-narrative ad campaign to promote its “Type R” model at Halloween, inviting viewers to toggle between two versions of the same narrative with the click of a button.

Now Durex is ready to launch what it’s calling the world’s first synchronized dual-screen ad, where users in the UK can experience another side to a TV commercial story by pointing the Durex Explore mobile app at the screen.

According to The Drum, the aim of the brand’s “Explore Together” campaign is to capture what the characters get up to in private, and direct viewers to the just-relaunched Durex website. [more]

For the full, interactive experience, just download the app onto your phone or tablet from the Apple or Google Play store and press the “Connect with film” icon. Point your device at the screen (and play the video with the sound on) to experience the other side of the commercial.

“The new advert is hugely exciting and having watched it come together from an idea to a finished campaign, it’s clear that we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in reaching and engaging our audience,” stated Mark Pearson, UK brand director for Durex parent Reckitt Benckiser, of the brand’s latest marketing push.

“At RB we are always looking to use exciting technologies and innovations, not only product related but in how we build our communication campaigns,” he added. “There is huge further potential in this technology and we expect that other brands will follow Durex’s lead in tapping into it.”

The app is downloadable from Google Play and iTunes before the ad’s premier on UK TV (ITV2( during Ocean’s Thirteen on Friday, Nov. 28.

And in the spirit of urging everyone to have a safe and happy holiday, Durex UK tweeted today:

[Image: Durex UK website and Twitter]