#LikeAGirl After the Super Bowl: 5 Questions with Always on What’s Next


Always Like a Girl

Of all the surprises in Super Bowl advertising this year—the dadvertising, the sadvertising, the screaming goat baaaadvertising—perhaps the biggest was how affecting P&G’s Always Big Game commercial proved against the backdrop of the climax of the NFL season and the Big Game extravaganza.

Quietly, powerfully continuing the conversation sparked by the NFL’s controversial handling of its domestic violence crisis this past season, the Always ad and the related #LikeAGirl social campaign took note of this context but did so in a surprising, engaging and not at all heavy-handed way.[more]

The ad was a 60-second edit of the influential (viewed more than 80 million times in 150 countries and shared by more than 1.5 million people worldwide) #LikeAGirl video that the P&G-owned feminine-hygiene brand launched last summer.

More than “just” an ad, however, P&G sees it as the cornerstone of an ongoing movement to empower girls and young women well beyond Game Day, with the rallying cry: “Take a stand. Join our movement. Together, let’s make #LikeAGirl mean amazing things. For the past 30 years, Always has been empowering girls globally, bringing puberty education to millions of adolescent girls” and a call to action to visit its microsite.

As part of its Super Bowl platform, Always sent a girl to the big game: Karlie Harman, a 15-year-old high school quarterback in Northern Virginia and star of a story told through the NFL “Together We Make Football” video campaign. Harman extended her reporting for the brand beyond the Super Bowl.

Curious to find out what’s next, brandchannel chatted Fama Francisco, global vice president of the Always brand, about #LikeAGirl’s momentum in the aftermath of the Super Bowl.

bc: Fama, how would you describe the reaction to your Super Bowl success?

Fama Francisco: P&G is thrilled with the response to our ad and the support of our movement to make #LikeAGirl mean something downright amazing. We wanted to bring our message to a larger stage and help change the perception of the phrase “like a girl” from an insult into something positive. During an event viewed by more than 100 million people, where the ads are as closely watched as the game itself, we’re delighted that the Super Bowl allowed P&G Always to reach even more people so they can join us to help champion girls’ confidence.

bc: Why is this campaign continuing to succeed beyond the Super Bowl?

Francisco: Because it’s based on a true insight and relatable experiences. We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support as we launched the #LikeAGirl social experiment video from Always in June. That video has been viewed more than 80 million times around the world and counting. What’s more, a recent study shows that 76 percent of girls 16-24 who watched the video no longer saw the phrase “like a girl” as an insult.

The study also showed that two out of three men who saw the video said they would stop or think twice before using “like a girl” as an insult. So, we know that when people see the video it positively changes their perception and therefore, made us at P&G Always aware that we need to reach even more people—girls, women, boys and men—to spark social change with this positive message.

Always Like a Girl quarterback Super Bowl

bc: How will P&G be spinning forward with this campaign and this theme from here on?

Francisco: We are planning to continue with P&G Always #LikeAGirl efforts but are not able to share anything more at this time.

bc: Will the campaign extend to upcoming “tentpole” platforms, such as the Grammys or Oscars?

Francisco: We [can’t say] at this time.

bc: Does the success of the campaign reflect in any way on the controversy over domestic violence and how the NFL has handled it this season?

Francisco: It was important for P&G Always to reach the millions of people, male and female, that watch the Super Bowl with the #LikeAGirl message and inspire a broad audience with positivity, to help us make “like a girl” mean amazing things.

Below, some post-game love for #LikeAGirl from P&G sibling brands and partners: