NAIAS 2017: Ally Showcases Futuristic Fragrances in ‘New Car Smell’ Exhibit


Ally New Car Smell NAIAS 2017

Scent is clearly a part of branding and marketing automobiles, from old-fashioned aromas from internal combustion to the subtle but indescribable smell inside every new car.

For the second year at the North American International Auto Show, Ally, the financial services giant that was reincarnated after the 2008 bailout from the remains of GMAC, will feature automotive scents in its “New Car Smell” exhibit.

Its new scents, called “The Future” and “Chauffeur,” take what Ally called “a humorous approach to the auto industry trends of driverless cars and ride sharing.”

Ally New Car Smell NAIAS 2017

As described by Ally, “The Future” smells 47 percent of a hard drive, 27 percent of a laptop, 19 percent of GPS and 7 percent of a sandwich. “Sure, its intelligence is artificial,” Ally quipped, “but its fragrance is as natural as it gets.”

Meanwhile, “Chauffeur” offers show-goers 46 percent smartphone scent, 24 percent energy drink, 22 percent glitter and 8 percent lost gloves. “For the tireless late-night reveler, there’s no better scent than the floral bouquet of ease, convenience and clean leather,” the company said in describing this scent.

“Our New Car Smell exhibit was such a hit at NAIAS last year that we decided to add two new smells to the lineup this year that riff on current auto-industry trends,” said Andrea Riley, chief marketing officer at Ally, in a press release. “As visitors explore all of the new technology at the show, our scents invite them to think playfully and creatively about how the cars of the future could smell, which we think is really fun.”

Ally’s New Car Smell collection also includes:

  • City Compact: 43% cappuccino, 29% hairspray, 25% lipstick, 3% yoga mat
  • Luxury Coupe: 67% plush leather, 28% shoe polish, 4% caviar, 1% Benjamins
  • Eco Friendly Hybrid: 80% water, 14% grass, 5% tofu, 1% smug
  • Muscle Car: 52% nitrous oxide, 20% testosterone, 20% burnt rubber, 8% brimstone
  • Trusty Sedan: 40% pleather, 35% pine, 22% instant coffee, 3% fanny pack
  • Pick-Up Truck: 57% bonfire, 21% axle grease, 16% flannel, 6% beard
  • Family Wagon: 44% baby wipes, 31% stain remover, 22% crayon, 3% regret
  • Rugged SUV: 57% mud, 21% tree bark, 16% sweat, 6% roadkill