Home Run: Amazon and Apple’s Curvy Future-Forward Headquarters



Amazon is getting a whole new look and this one can’t be changed with a little HTML recoding. It’s not the website that is changing; it’s the company’s headquarters in Seattle.

Amazon Spheres HQ Seattle 2017

Instead of going with something mildly adventurous in the design department, there are three massive glass domes going up in the Emerald City. Amazon is investing $4 billion in building out its new campus, and it isn’t just the look that’s jaw-dropping.

Inspired by a greenhouse, a river runs through the geodesic domes that incorporate a curated vegetation system and a waterfall, creating a modulated ecosystem that sits at 72 degrees during the day and lowers each night.

“We wanted to do something that was not only great for employees, but for the city as a whole,” John Schoettler, Amazon’s real-estate director, told the Seattle Times. “It’s all about our pioneering spirit, our being inventors.”

That spirit has led to putting 2,500 plant species and more than 25,000 plants in a 70,000-square-foot horticultural workspace that won’t have any offices or conference rooms walled off inside, reflecting the idea of a conservatory and ecosystem making its surfaces rounder and greener.

Popping up in downtown Seattle means the city’s residents will benefit in other ways—residents of all walks of life. There will be public spaces as well as retail space plus a 47,000-square-foot, 65-room homeless shelter in partnership with local nonprofit Mary’s Place.

“Mary’s Place does incredible, life-saving work every day for women, children, and families experiencing homelessness in the Seattle community,” Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos stated. “We are lucky to count them as neighbors and thrilled to offer them a permanent home within our downtown Seattle headquarters.”

Apple campus 2 headquarters Cupertino

It isn’t scheduled to completely open till early next year but the funky new look is part of a new wave of tech-firm architecture — look at the spacey 175-acre Apple Park campus in Cupertino, where employees are moving into a brand home that reflects the vision of Steve Jobs.

Scaling down its original trippy architecture plan, check out Google’s modified design (below) for its new HQ.

Google new HQ 2017