A Serial Success, Special K Brings Female-Empowering “Own It” to US


Kellogg's Special K US Own It commercial

Kellogg’s is urging American women to “Own In” in a new campaign that launched in Canada and then Australia.

The brand has been selling joy, independence and wellness, rather than diet-focused messages, for two years. Bringing the “Own It” tagline stateside shows that Kellogg’s appreciates that great ideas can come from any of its markets.

The theme is promoting and encouraging women’s confidence in their daily lives and owning their choices when it comes to what they eat, mentioning the healthy ingredients in Special K products like almonds and quinoa, while promoting chocolate (in the form of the brand’s Protein Bites), as Ad Age notes.

The woman in the kick-off US spot comments, “We don’t doubt it, we own it.” The description: “Women are amazing. We run marathons, companies and solve problems. How do we do all of these amazing things? We eat! Special K has delicious cereal and snacks that nourish our bodies and keep us strong.”

The original spot (above) launched in Canada in September 2015 and has garnered almost 5.8 million views.

The Canadian campaign also highlighted nine women featured in the spot, including Grace, Ann, Sheila and Lauren:

Kellogg’s Canada at the time noted that it boosted sales in its first month by six percent, adding that “we want to be an ally for women in their fight against self-doubt. We also believe Special K can play an important role in positively impacting women and offering good food with ingredients that nourish the body, inside and out.”

Kellogg's Special K Canada #OwnIt

The 2015 ad revealed that 97 percent of Canadian women have an “I hate my body” moment every day. “The Canadian population today is incredibly multicultural, and we’re very accepting of diversity and inclusion,” said Natasha Millar, Kellogg’s Canada Senior Marketing Director for Breakfast Cereal and Beverages. “We wanted to make sure we represented what women really look like in Canada today.”

“Own It” then moved to another Commonwealth country, Australia, in February 2016 during the Australian Open tennis tournament finals. While using the same creative, the campaign was informed by original local research.

Kellogg's Special K Australia Own It

Now it’s coming to America, the new spot is the first part of a broader campaign that will include social, online, print, shopper marketing and public relations – and a litmus test of the progress of women “owning it” over the last two years.

Kellogg's US Special K Own It

One area where Special K US has a good head start: A corporate social responsibility tie-in with Girl Up’s nutrition education program, a partner in the Special K #OwnIt kick-off at Kellogg’s US HQ.

Feeling like Special "K" today #ownit #girlup #specialk

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