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Headline Roundup: Failure Is An Option

Posted by Sara Zucker on March 15, 2010 06:42 AM

Exxon changes its brand strategy by tapping unique places to find oil. [CNN Money]

Barnes & Noble is trying hard to find sales in the recession. [LA Times]

Palm has good products but isn't a strong competitor for smartphones. [Boston Herald]

Facebook photo albums are putting printing websites out of business. [Washington Post]

Luxury accessories brand MCM is undergoing a makeover for the Asian market. [WSJ]

Music labels may become obsolete, but syncing music is still a pain. [NY Times]Continue reading...

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Google's Android Phone: Will It Hurt The Droid?

Posted by Sara Zucker on November 30, 2009 05:12 PM

While basking in the launch of their Android operating system for mobile devices, Google is feeling a little left out of its own party. Verizon Wireless and Motorola borrowed, tweaked and sort of hijacked the Android brand through the massive Droid campaign. Lacking a device of its own till now, Google is finally ready to compete with the big boys.

Finally, Google is about to give the world an actual Google phone, running on the HTC G1 cellphone. The device will include a branded handset and includes free phone service. Though the G1 has already been (mis)identified as the "first Google phone," this new phone will be emblazoned with Google's company logo. It will feature Google Voice, the company's phone service, which recently overcame its FCC troubles, and connect users to that ominous (to some) Google Cloud. A touchscreen display and an extremely fast processing system, “far exceeding that of the iPhone 3G S” are also included.

The mobile dance for positioning has made for some interesting bedfellows, or maybe better, bed-frenemies. Motorola, Verizon and Google have partnered on the Droid. (Google has a lot of catching up to do after spending a reported $100M in marketing the collaboration). But with its free phone service, and patch-in to the full range of Google services, Google's offering could easily damage efforts by its Droid partners. Meanwhile, Apple's beefed-up iPhone, touted as a possible Droid-killer, will reportedly be available with Verizon service, putting Verizon on the possible outs with Motorola as well as with Google.Continue reading...

Around The Web: Empty Calories

Posted by Stephanie Startz on October 7, 2009 04:50 PM

Coke launches a Facebook application, the Coke Zero Facial Profiler. [Mashable]

The more David Letterman atones, the higher his ratings climb. [Portfolio]

Dell plans a Google Android phone for AT&T. [paidContent]

The UK Advertising Standards Authority bans three vitaminwater ads that claim health benefits. [Campaign Live]

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