Hormel Bumps Up Whole-Brand Awareness In New Campaign


Sometimes a big brand’s family of products can be so overwhelming that consumers forget they’re all made by the same company. That’s why Hormel’s new ad campaign is pitching “its whole Hormel-branded portfolio” – to educate consumers about the brand’s various offerings and encourage them to buy more than just a few favorite products.

“We call it ‘pulling the blanket off the brand,'” says Brian Kroening, executive creative director of Hormel’s ad agency. He says the campaign is intended to show consumers “that there were more parts to the brand than they had in their homes.”[more]

Hormel’s core products – chili, pepperoni, and bacon products – are its top-selling items. But with more than $2 billion in sales, the company produces a wide range of products in the refrigerated and pantry categories, including “Natural Choice” meats, refrigerated entrees, pork sausage, party trays, and microwave meals. The company also makes the well known Jennie-O and Dinty Moore brands.

New television and print ads will do double duty. Some ads will cover Hormel’s various meal options, while others will focus on a single product. The common denominator is that they are all healthy, wholesome products with protein, coming from the same company.

The protein message has been used before to brand a product line. A few years ago, Tyson pitched protein as the common theme across all of its products with the tag line “Powered by Tyson.” The campaign was intended to bring attention to the fact that Tyson, primarily known for chicken, was also the leading processor of beef and pork.

Hormel has a similar challenge in promoting its extensive product line, especially in making consumers aware of its new offerings. “People think of Hormel as more of a canned product,” says ad executive Tom Denari of Young & Laramore, who thinks the new campaign “is a way for Hormel to contemporize its brand.”