Branding Don’t: George Best Barley Wine


A bit of advice to those interested in attracting a little attenton to a product by associating it with a celebrity: Be sure that product isn’t something that killed said celebrity.

Monkey Wizard Brewery in New Zealand gives the world the stunning new product, called George Best Barley Wine:

“This limited release all malt barley wine has been brewed in homage to the famous soccer player George Best, who we hope [italics ours] would favour this rare ale. Barley wines are, like George, a dying breed [?] and we hope to revive this beer style.”

We’re not sure what Best’s estate was thinking in presumably agreeing to license his name. The UK football legend, sadly, drank himself to death, even after a liver transplant. His last dying wish was “Don’t die like me.” So it would be safe to assume he wouldn’t want his name or legend associated with wine, no matter how it was derived.

After the jump, a screenshot of this ill advised product.[more]