Will Avocado Board Marketing Strike Out?


The Major League Baseball playoffs are underway. In addition to being treated to only the second no-hitter in post-season play history, baseball fans were also exposed to commercial reminding them not to forget the guacamole.

The ad, currently not online, features a part of friends watching the playoffs when one guy arrives with chips. But he has forgotten the guacamole. The forgetful dude is chastised by all until he slinks away. The final message: don’t forget the avocados.

The immediate audience reactions were… mixed.[more]

The ad also included a contest (of course!) hosted at the TBS website. But if the TBS microsite set up for the avocado “The Big Hit Sweepstakes” promotion were a food, you wouldn’t eat it. Appearing to be incomplete, with a giant logo-less top banner, the page declares “Whether in guacamole with chips or a burger or hot dog, adding delicious and nutritious avocados to your game day snacks will be a big hit!” just before asking users to enter a lot of information to win an “ultimate home entertainment system.”

The Hass Avocado Board‘s sports marketing push kicked off in September with a pitch to football fans. The board dedicated $1 million to a campaign on Fox Sports. Now, its attention is clearly on baseball. The website Sports.avocadocentral.com offers recipes for various sports-related avocado dishes. While not groundbreaking in its messaging, the ad could certainly serve as a strong purchase reminder when those having seen the ad come across avocados in the marketplace.

After increasingly impressively avocado sales, there has been a recent drop-off, although analysts predict the market will stabilize.

Avocado producer efforts join other food-marketing boards with recent pushes to make their respective products more appealing amid the cluttered comestibles market. In June, we noted that the awesomely-named Pork Board was considering retiring its iconic “other white meat” tagline in favor of something more modern. This week, The New York Times noted the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board’s online efforts to increase interest in cheeses from America’s Dairyland, including a web series.

Carrot growers have also been promoting baby carrots with a cheeky campaign. Credit the California Raisins for starting the craze, and the Got Milk? campaign for taking it to a new level.