Zappos Now Delivering Happiness Beyond the Bus


Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh could have kicked back after selling his web shoestore to Amazon for $1.2 billion. Instead, he wrote a book, Delivering Happiness, which naturally turned into a bestseller. That turned into a cross-country bus tour, delivering random acts of kindness across America.

Now, as announced at SXSW, Zappos is launching a new lifestyle brand called Delivering Happiness. Zappos Chief Happiness Officer Jenn Lim (above) is heading up the new company, which is geared to spreading its philosophy and advising value-based management while creating a product line of motivational apparel.[more]

It’s an ingenious plan to leverage existing fans of Zappos, Hsieh and his book, including the community they’ve been cultivating via the bus tour outreach. Additional plans include “publishing educational literature for soul-searching college students and provide life-changing experience packages,” according to Fast Company.

Their branded apparel will sport inspirational messages – a growing market in the multi-million-dollar motivational apparel market, epitomized by Life is Good, and “experience packages” that will walk on the wild side, such as helicopter flying lessons (think of it as Outward Bound meets Inward Bound).

Hsieh’s journey from disaffected Harvard student entrepreneur to his eventual sale of Zappos to Amazon is the stuff of legend, already business lore for those wishing to achieve personal and professional happiness through satisfied customers, a valued workforce, and personal growth.

Delivering Happiness embraces the ethos of a rising generation that embraces personal aspiration and business performance as one in the same; happy customers, happy employees and healthy profits – a model that will deliver the goods in an increasingly demanding marketplace where social media is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent.

Below: Zappos’ video on how Delivering Happiness morphed from a book idea to a company; and watch Lim’s SXSW announcement here.