Google Tops LGBT-Favored Brands in US


Google and its YouTube video portal are among the top five brands ‘best perceived’ by lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender Americans.

Videos like the brand’s “It Gets Better” clips below, and the rainbow enhancement to gay-related searches for June’s pride month, are only two for the reasons why the search giant has won favor with the gay community, according to new research from YouGov BrandIndex.[more]

Google co-founder Sergey Brin has a history of supporting LGBT rights, and has vocally opposed California’s Proposition 8 since 2008, offers tax benefits to LGBT employees, and has added a rainbow image to search results related to gay issues.

The other three LGBT-favored brands making the top five were Netflix, Amazon and Subway.

Whole Foods came in sixth while Disney ranks #7, having held Gay Days at its theme parks every year for the past two decades, attracting protests from the religious right including Focus On The Family.

Other high-ranked brands: Apple’s iPhone (#8), HBO (#10), Lowe’s (#11), Cheerio’s (#12), Food Network (#13), Ford (#14), M&M’s (#15), Apple (#17), Trader Joe’s (#18), Bose (#19) and iPod (#20).

As for gainers in LGBT brand perception (see the second chart here), Claritin (#10) was the highest gaining brand in the last three months, with Nike (#16) the second highest. 

AT&T (#4) on the gainers chart – despite the very public imbroglio with GLAAD president Jarrett Barrios’ resignation due to backing of AT&T’s merger with T-Mobile. 

Chick-Fil-A (#6) amongst gainers is retrenching after a PR debacle in February over their alleged supporting of events connected to anti-gay groups. 

YouGov BrandIndex conducts interviews with 5,000 people every weekday, and for this study, results were filtered for U.S. citizens who self-identified as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender.