Brand Bites: WikiLeaks Gets Priceless, Burberry Flakes, Sappy Nappies and more


Wikileaks spoofed Mastercard‘s “Priceless” campaign this week. Watch the spot below, along with new perfume commercials featuring Scarlett Johansson and Christina Aguilera, plus place branding with a twist and more.[more]

Swiss tourism trots out “weather prophet on an anthill” to promote visits:

… while Iceland invites citizens to show off what inspires them in unique campaign:

Apple highlights the iPhone 4S and its game-changing Siri voice recognition feature:

As Siri records her first duet:

The city of Cupertino, California, paid tribute to fallen Apple Steve Jobs this week:

Twitter adds a high-profile Tweeter in J.Crew-clad Michelle Obama:

Scarlett Johansson goes old school Hollywood in a new campaign for Dolce and Gabbana’s The One perfume:

Geico is very excited about its new and improved mobile app:

Intel highlights Indonesian hip-hop in new short film for “Visibly Smart” campaign:

The Beach Boys go digital with SMiLE reissue on digital, coming Nov. 1st:

Er, is Arrow promoting manorexia with “Arrow New York: Zero Calorie Work Wear” launch?

Headline of the day: “KFC Apologizes For Not Letting John Travolta Reserve A Table.”

Dr Pepper 10 is just for men… men who are bad at math.

$746,000: The estimated cost of “retiring” the University of North Dakota “Fighting Sioux” mascot.

SiriusXM revives legendary NYC nightclub Studio 54 for one night.

Jersey Shore star JWoww breaks out (of) her Halloween costume, the Svedka vodka robot mascot (who we actually like!) (more at NSFW):

Occupy Wall Street inspires designers; more at

Jamie Oliver promotes his new Channel 4 series, Jamie’s Great Britain:

The Steve Jobs tributes keep coming:

Fancy some Burberry Flakes? Check out this and more “cereal couture” at Sip Chat Chow.

Google and Flickr inspire sneakerware; more “social media shoes” here. (via)

Qaddafi or Gaddafi, he’s in demand.

Notre Dame football helmets, a new gold standard.

River Ranch produce freshens package design.

The size 1,450 bear slipper PR stunt.

A slideshow of CBS logos celebrates the eyeball’s 60th anniversary this week.

Kia and NBA star Blake Griffin channels Evel Knievel:

Wiser’s “in the bag” tagline: “Your wife’s purse is dogsh*t.

Green Bay Packer Clay Matthews’ sense of humor continues to develop in new Fathead ad:

…while Troy Polamalu returns for Head & Shoulders:

Joining the celebrity perfume bandwagon, Christina Aguilera‘s campaign for her new fragrance isn’t great, but it’s no Emma Watson disaster.

William Shatner gets back to Star Trek roots with space rock album release:

Lady Gaga‘s favorite tattooed model, Zombie Boy, covers up for Dermablend Pro:

Paws Up: Dreamworks also leverages Lady Gaga for Puss in Boots promo:

Huggies brings Christmas nappies to Australia:

…while Luvs’ “Poop There It Is” spot ‘wins’ worst US ad award.