Nike for NFL: Gentlemen, Start Talking Uniforms!


The NFL and Nike have been gearing up for months for the big unveiling of new uniforms for all 32 teams this week, an opportunity for every team to refresh its image and spirit (and make a ton of extra bucks, to boot) — including the NFL.

And while there were plenty who loved the new looks and plenty who didn’t, the general coverage seemed to agree that the uniforms on the whole didn’t change too dramatically.[more]

At a Tuesday press launch in New York, Nike focused on changes to the uniforms of the Seattle Seahawks. Paul Lukas of ESPN’s Uni Watch observed:

Your assessment of the results probably depends on (A) whether you view football as a video game played by comic book superheroes in costumes, or as a sport played by human beings in uniforms, and (B) your tolerance for neon green. Uni Watch doesn’t much care for the new look, but the team’s old look was nothing to write home about either, so it’s no great loss. In the grand scheme of things, call it a push.

New Orleans Saints running back Pierre Thomas liked the Seahawks’ new look. “Seattle has the hottest uniform right now,” he said, according to ESPN. “So I’m a little jealous. But I still love my all black. I think it looks nice.”

But the new styles don’t seem to matter to Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin, who eloquently tweeted, “Whether you like the new uniforms or not, the game doesn’t change. I’d rather have a winning record in sweatpants than a losing one in silk.”

And other players, such as Atlanta Hawks linebacker Sean Weatherspoon, is happy about the switch in material to a lighter weight. “I like the jerseys!” he tweeted. “The material is the key, the reebok jerseys held too much sweat…. New jerseys look sleek.”

With the NFL out of the way, Nike is on to its next project: working with NASA, the US State Department, and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) on an initiative to find new waste-reduction technologies through the joint LAUNCH nonprofit, according to