“Do What You Do”: Capital One Touts Mid-Mobile Banking Multitasking


The flurry of mobile banking ads lately is no accident. Just like every other business, banks have figured out that consumers are on the go — and connected — all the time. Banks are already scrambling to get their piece of the mobile payments market, and now mobile banking apps are the latest new thing.

A slew of campaigns are featuring the ease of mobile banking, with banks such as Barclays expanding mobile. Bank of America says, “Life is mobile. So is your bank.” Chase calls mobile banking, “The power of Chase in the palm of your hand.”

But Capital One, instead of pitching the mobile app itself, is focusing on the convenience factor for the consumer.[more]

In a new series of online videos supported by a microsite, While Banking, Capital One amps up the concept of using a rock band, Dragonforce; a DJ, Un1corndancers; and an unnamed ventriloquist, all of whom are seen using the bank’s mobile banking app while doing what they do.

The ventriloquist video is particularly quirky, as the dummy “sings” on stage while, at the same time, the ventriloquist does a few banking transactions on his smartphone.

Capital One’s “Do What You Do” videos have garnered over 130,000 views in just a short time, and now the bank is encouraging consumers to submit their “favorite mid-mobile banking activity” for possible inclusion in future spots.