American Eagle Spoofs Skinny Skinny Jeans with Viral Ad


“Go home American Eagle you’re drunk.”

That’s the most popular YouTube comment on a new “skinny jeans” ad from American Eagle Outfitters. Is it an early April Fool’s spoof or a blatant attempt to go viral by spoofing a trend gone too far?[more]

Does American Eagle Outfitters think the skinny jean fad has gone too far? It looks like it from a new ad spoof posted on the brand’s YouTube page and blog: “AEO Skinny Skinny.”

The brand is also trying to spark a conversation around the “ad” with a Twitter hashtag: #aeoskinnyskinny

Who needs a branded Onion partnership when you can pump out stuff like this on your own? The ad says the painted-on “skinny skinny” jeans are available at, where the new jeans are revealed to be two denim-colored spray cans.

Naturally, fans can apply for a chance to win a spot in the brand’s next ad campaign.