AT&T Touts Samsung’s New S4 Active in Daring Campaign


Samsung has a new water-resistant phone on the market and AT&T is throwing its marketing heft behind it, showcasing the benefits of a “whatever proof” Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active, which retails for between $199.99 and $594.99, in three new ads.

Capitalizing on the idea of summer fun, the spots feature phones being put places where phones wouldn’t normally be, such as in the pocket of a guy on a water slide and inside a fishbowl so the little fish and its cute young owner can watch digital video together.

In the latter, the little girl’s father shakes the water off his phone and heads out into the day as if such a thing is as normal as can be. The third features a dad being buried under sand by his young children at the beach. When his phone rings, he pulls the phone out from under the sand and takes the call.[more]

PC Mag points out, though, that the ability to go underwater is very cool, but not extremely practical: The reviewer “submerged the Active for half an hour in about eighteen inches of water, and later did camera testing for half an hour in a warm bathtub.” The phone didn’t leak, but “the touch screen became useless under water and for up to a minute after removing it from the water.”