Brand News: 10 Things You Need to Know For Thursday, May 18th


Dove Real Beauty and Shonda Rhimes

Google thinks beyond ads as I/O developers conference gets underway with news of Lens, for advanced image recognition in smartphones, and that Google is Assistant coming to iOS to take on Siri. More in Google’s recap and the video below:

Amazon reportedly eyes the pharmaceutical business.

CBS upfront reveals Star Trek reboot:

Facebook woos luxury brands with Facebook/Instagram campaigns.

Flywheel Sports announces home studio version.

Fox News slips in primetime ratings and mourns passing of former head Roger Ailes.

GM pulls out of India.

KLM pilot of 21 years moonlights as King of the Netherlands.

Pinterest brings visual search technology to ads.

Pringles and Lucozade bottles get lumps of coal from the UK Recycling Association.

Warby Parker and other brands find selfie booths (and rooms) key to luring Gen Z.


Coca-Cola targets ads based on social image recognition:

Dove U.S. releases its first Real Beauty Productions film project with Shonda Rhimes:

HBO‘s Silicon Valley‘s Not Hotdog app is available in iTunes.

KitKat Australia breaks a new campaign:

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